NEW EVENT: 15 minutes Hunt

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New event: 15 minutes hunt!

Hey guys,

below you will find information about a little new event I am hosting. It’s still brand new and things might need to be altered, so don’t hesitate to give me suggestions. Contact details can be found below too.



– Saturday, 21st January 2017, 20.00 CET in TM2

Server details
– Usual TTC Servers, links can be found here.

– Individual tournament
– Platform: TM2 and TMNF
– Style: Tech
– No registration required
– Maximum players: 235

– Join the server at 20.00 CET or earlier
– 20.00 CET – 20.15 CET: 15 minutes Time Attack on ONE brand new Tech Map (Server remains opened in this time)
– Shortly afterwards: Final for 5 best Time Attack players (currently: KO mode, 1 KO every round) (Server CLOSED during the finals)

– Video uploaded shortly after cup took place on YouTube:

Edition #9 (first public edition)
Edition #10 (second public edition)

– Length: 30-45 seconds
– Competition titlepack (TM2) and Blockmix may be used
– Only Tech style
– Clear map route, players only have 15 minutes!
– Upload map to MX/TMX and send me the link via Facebook or eMail
– Note: You must not take part in your own edition!

CONTACT DETAILS (Questions & Map submission)
– Facebook:
– eMail: dino_trackmania[at]aol[dot]com


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