A New Start for the TM Masters Website!

Hello, and welcome to the TrackMania Masters website! As you may have discovered already, you can find loads of information about everything relating to TM Masters competitions here, such as the True Talent Cup Season 2 rankings and the list of cup winners.

The staff here at TrackMania Masters strive to bring you the best experience possible both in-game and on our website, and their next goal is to provide an ever better web experience.

With that, I—Leo “LeoTM2” Falcomer-Dawson— would like to introduce myself as Editor and Head Writer at TrackMania Masters. I hope to be able to bring you:

  • Interesting and informative articles relating to TMM cups and the wider TrackMania scene.
  •  A new hub for TrackMania news and statistics (more to be revealed soon!)

For now, keep an eye on the TM Masters Facebook page for news regarding our site and competitions.

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Leo Falcomer-Dawson

About Leo Falcomer-Dawson

Editor and Head Writer @ TrackMania Masters. 20, UK.