A week full of action

By March 1, 2012 November 11th, 2013 News

The second week of TMM Team cup 2012 has passed and it was a week full of action. I have seen a lot of people out on the different servers hunting records and having a lot of fun. It is really nice to see all these teams being so active.

This week offered some really exciting games to spectate. I watched two matches, Team Infused vs. Vikings eSports and Worm vs. Minipeace. The players from all the teams did some incredible performances and it was really enjoyable to watch. I was really impressed about how high level of skill all these drivers have.

In the world record cup there was some action going on aswell. NeO defended his first place in the cup by driving the world record on the map Sisami, wich gives him a lead of 50 points. But it’s not time to relax since Poker and Walvet aint that far away.

That is all for this week, see you on the tracks!


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