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Hey guys, as I (Dino) will be more and more busy during 2017 and at least until 2019 I am looking for an admin or even several ones who want to keep “TrackMania Masters” alive. Below you will find the tasks and requirements for this “job” – please read through it thoroughly and in case you want to be part of the team, contact us on Facebook.

> Keeping the website ( up-to-date, publishing results, news etc.
> Posting news, updates, upcoming cup information etc. on Facebook
> Announcing upcoming cups on ManiaPlanet & Discord
> Taking care of all necessary things on the servers such as starting and monitoring the cups, loading maps, RCP stuff
> Staying in contact with mappers & maptesters
> Updating several internal google spreadsheets

> Decent English skills
> Knowing TrackMania Masters Cups, recent participations in the Team Cup and True Talent Cup
> Reliability – if you are promising to do something, I need to rely on you really doing it
> Confidentiality – Logins, maps etc. which are not meant for the public are not to give it further – not even to your closest TrackMania friends
> Owning TMNF and TM2
> RCP/XASECO knowledge

Please answer the following questions if you are interested and send it via PM to TrackMania Masters Facebook Page:
> Age:
> Location:
> Spoken languages:
> Logins in TMNF and TM2 as well as current and past ingame names:
> Team history in TrackMania:
> Do you have any experience with hosting tournaments in TrackMania?
> How many times have you taken part in the TTCs? What was your best result?
> Have you taken part in a TrackMania Masters Team Cup?

Note: Working for TrackMania Masters is on a voluntary basis – there’s no money coming from anywhere which allows us to pay you.





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