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    1. Team Webpage or ESL page:
    2. URL Team Logo for Avatar: (Optional) I WILL SEND IT ON FACEBOOK from Jeroen Wirken
    3. Team Leader(s) nick and TM2s account : jeroen98pro
    4. Team Leader(s) Facebook (used for match chat): Jeroen Wirken (just sent me message on fb)
    5. Team Line up (members with nick and TM2s account logins, add GUEST after a guest player):
    jeroen98pro, mCon Jeroentje
    atlan.penetrator, mCon chielioZ
    vorty.vap, mCOn Vorty
    antrobe, mCon antrobex
    lennertvdd , mCon Mini

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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