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    Any information on a team cup for 2016? 🙂





    our line-up changed a bit since the last edition (TC15) and we (Captains) are asked to kick players who are not in it anymore on OGS website. But I’m not considered as a Captain on this website (and Skoonyz neither who is the main Leader) so I can’t kick them. The only Captain in our team on OGS website is called OGSeries, I don’t know why. How can this be solved please?




    Well still no reply…

    I’ve another issue. It’s about this OGS website, it’s really a buggy website. To organize the match, often the messages are not shown, it actually shows a void message…
    Also, since i’m not considered as a captain in the team, i can’t confirm the results nor upload the screens either…

    You have a pretty good website there, why using another one? I can’t understand that, really.



    @skadi: They’re using OGS, because they are partnered with OGS. Without OGS, there wouldn’t be a prize pool of 250€, e.g.



    Well thanks for replying, I know that but still… Even though it’s a sponsor they could organize the matches elsewhere.

    I’m still awaiting an answer from admins though 🙂



    I wrote to Dino and made him aware of this thread. 😉



    Sorry for not being aware of this thread first of all.

    1) If your message seems to appear empty on OGS, avoid using special symbols such as ‘ in It’s for example.
    2) Are there still players to be kicked in your team?
    3) By now all team leders have the rights to add match scores on OGS.
    4) We partnered up with OGS to be able to offer a prizepool of 250€. Organizing the matches elsewhere would mean noone would actually go on the OGS website and I guess they want us to go there to get clicks on ads – otherwise they wouldn’t be able to sponsor TMM.



    Finally I got an answer 😀 (joke) No problem about that, don’t worry.

    1) Hmm ok, I will try that then, never heard such thing before
    2) There were but not anymore since I’ve been promoted as Captain on OGS site
    3) See 2)
    4) Yeah I understand that. Since you got a solution about this “bug”, you should inform everyone in order that everything goes smoothly 🙂

    Thanks and see you later 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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