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    Hi guys,

    first of all, thanks to everyone for registering and taking part in our first TMM TTC!
    We appericate that.

    We’d like to apologize that some players had extreme laggs while driving and very long loading times.
    Those guys who could not drive the cup as they were in spec mode can either reply here or PM us on Facebook (TM Masters site) – we will refund your coppers.

    Also sorry that everyone got kicked as the cup should have started, I used the wrong command.

    We hope we can fix the issues from yesterday in the next KnockOut Cup(s), that it is going to be more enjoyable for the drivers & casters next time. We got a huge “To-Do-List”.
    Main priority in this list is getting a high performance server and also working on the plugin.

    We would be glad if you register in the next KnockOut Cup too.
    You will be informed on our TMM-Facebook Site.


    Best Regards,

    Team HOT
    signed, ///Dino





    Top 20

    1. IGN Rowan – DISQUALIFIED- 2. RtA Wally3. Dignitas Massa 4. THE Shorty5. Acer Goox6. Ft Revi7. Insects Railag8. eK Paxmower9. Funteam Fabi10. Walvet11. eK SPEED U NEED
    12. TRT Tmsk13. 3DMAX Snaky14. vk² Jeffrey15. RtA Paull16. HOT Dino17. NP Daddy18. Acer Koenz19. Elite Shambo20. FD Fraizer

    Update: Rowan disqualified. Read more here down here at Hotrod’s text. Every other position -1
    1. Wally
    2. Massa
    3. Shorty




    Not sure, if we are supposed to comment this statement of yours, but i think feedback will always help you guys.As you already mentioned the start was pretty confusing. I don’t think it was a big deal there,  since most of us could play the cup a few minutes later right as planned. The only thing you could try to improve there is to keep the players informed. Sometimes i didnt really know what’s going on right now. Nevertheless i can understand you had alot work to do right in this moment, so its just a small issue i was talking about.
    Furthermore i had a “startdelay” of about 3 seconds myself before you accidentaly kicked all players. Afterwards my loading time improved alot for some reason. (the loading screen changed from “” to the normal “nadeo-screen” with the brazilian car. yes, i got a decent pc) That’s also the reason why i think that the persons who still had start-laggs had a bad pc or internet-connection. Not sure if you can do anything about that next time, or if its just unfortunate for those drivers in this cup-mode. Anyway… The knockout-mode was what i was searching for, for a long time. Besides that a cup taking place on one evening is always a cool thing between the bigger tournaments.  After the short chaos in the beginning of this cup and some rounds to re-focus on the cup itsself for me as a player, i had a really fun time playing it. The little gaps between each round were nice to have a drink or just chill down for a bit. The auto-kick plugin was fine, the orga keeped the players informed about the rounds and maps – well done there. Overall i enjoyed this cup pretty much. The ongoing was intense and i think this cup will be fun for players and spectators as well ( hope you really can get better servers to allow spectators watch almost lagg-free in the early stage of the cup as well).  I just can say that i really really hope that you keep this thing up. It’s not a big deal that your first attempt on this knockout-mode had some little issues at the beginnning.  So i wanna thank you for all the hard work you do, to feed the community with cups like that.
    Best regards, paxmower_

    P.s.  I almost forgot to mention the tracks. I think that tells you that i cant complain at all. Besides the little grass-bug at one of your maps, i think you did a great job building these. The maps were not too easy or too hard for me at least.



    It has come to our attention that IGN’Rowan didn’t drive in TMM TTC – he let his clan member Xeonn use his account, and drive in his place. This is absolutely NOT ok. This is why we have PERSONAL registration and reservs. You do not register and pay for a spot in the cup, that you later can give to who ever you want. The reserve pay to have to possibility to enter if others are not able to drive and its the only way to do it if you want a fair cup. Xeonn has shown that he is infact a “True Talent” but the way it was done is not ok and fair for the others involved. I’m sad to say that we have no other alternative then to disqualify Rowan for letting someone else drive on his account – and he should pay back the 40.000 coppers ASAP. These belong to the real winner of TMM TTC – Wally. Let this be a lesson for future TMM cups – Fair play please! Here is the updated scoreboard. Gratz Wally!

    1. RtA.Wally
    2. Dignitas.Massa
    3. THE.Shorty



    wow paxmover – thanks for that feedback!



    ’nuff said^^ perfect summary pax 🙂




    Thanks for the detailed information! This indeed helps us to improove the cup itself the next time.
    Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

    Regards, ///Dino

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