Team Cup 2016 – Grand Final & Match for 3rd

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TM Masters Team Cup 2016 – 10th (last) Matchday

Playoff summary #5 (matches were held 8th May 2016)

MAP PACK 10 – Grand Finals and 3rd place play-off


These maps were driven for the last matches of TMM Team Cup 2016 (separate map scores are also in the same order as the maps listed below)

Map name: TMM – Fort Boyard ¬ TC16.
Author: kappa.
Map name: TMM – NOVABLIXT ¬ TC16.
Map name: TMM – Scandal (ft.mdpoint) ¬ TC16.
Author: kappa.

Mappack preview by Shortz Productions

Grand Finals results and comments


Team Dignitas [1 :2] Planetkey Dynamics- | 1 : 7 | 3 : 7 | 7 : 3 |

A very fun match to watch, the first map was a solid win for PkD. The second map was messy by both teams, numerous bugs and crashes by both teams. Many of the players weren’t happy with the map, but PkD proved to be more consistent and “bug proof” to take the second map and became the TMM Team Cup 2016 champions and denied the clear favourites, Dignitas, of their 4th consecutive title!
VOD by Spam
VOD by r2k

MnM Gaming [2 : 1] Waterbottle – | 9 : 7 | 7 : 2 | 0 : 7 |

This match was played on mappack 9, due to players not feeling the motivation to train the mappack 10 and to add more excitement; they decided to play last week’s mappack. After the loss in the semi-final, both teams were “very eager” to play the 3rd place match. However, it was definitely a fun match to watch, first map even went to tennismode. After that, MnM Gaming took the second map with ease and the third map was not serious anymore and Waterbottle had no trouble taking a 7: 0 win, but in the end, it did not really matter and MnM Gaming take 3rd place in the TMM Team Cup 2016!
VOD by Speedy
VOD by xxRider

Here is the overview of the completed play-off tree:
“I would also like personally thank Trackmania Masters for giving me the opportunity to write about the TMM Team Cup 2016 and to be a part of this awesome event in Trackmania!
See you all next year for another exciting TMM Team Cup!” – DJ==KiWi (djkristo13)

All the scores of every single match 
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