Team Cup 2016 – Semifinals

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TM Masters Team Cup 2016 – 9th Matchday

Playoff summary #4 (Matches were held 1st of May 2016)

MAP PACK 9 – 1/2 play-off finals

These were the selected maps that were driven for the 1/2 play-off finals (separate map scores are also in the same order as the maps listed below)

Map name: TMM – White Horse ¬ TC16.
Author: mghej4
Map name: TMM – Overture ¬ TC16.
Author: dodeka
Map name: TMM – Hopfen ¬ TC16.
Author: sererius

 Shortz Productions

1/2 play-off finals results and comments

Planetkey Dynamics [2 : 0] Waterbottle – | 7 : 1 | 7 : 4 |

PlanetKey Dynamics getting a solid win over Waterbottle, the first map was a clear winner, but the second map was closer, but Waterbottle made enough mistakes to give the consistent PkD players the win and PlanetKey Dynamics are the team to face Team Dignitas in the Grand Finals!
VOD by Nutella (German)
VOD by Koenz

Team Dignitas [2 : 0] MnM Gaming – | 7 : 5 | 7 : 2 |
Team Dignitas suffered slightly by the lack of players (Nugget, CarlJr, Jonno etc.) and Spam feeling a bit sick and tired. That meant that Pac, Insane, Bergie and Spam were the only ones to face MnM Gaming in the semi-finals. Nevertheless, Team Dignitas still managed to confidently win the match and advance to the Grand Finals, leaving MnM Gaming to face Waterbottle in the 3rd place match.
VOD by SpamVOD by Adri

Grand Finals and 3rd place match

Team Dignitas vs PlanetKey Dynamics

The match we have been all waiting for! Team Dignitas, the defending champions, will be facing Planetkey Dynamics, who are going to look to overthrow Team Dignitas and become the new TMM 2016 Team Cup Champions! Both teams are going to train the new maps harder than ever before! Team Dignitas has a title to defend and PkD have the opportunity to end the winning streak of Team Dignitas and deny them the fourth consecutive TMM Team Cup title.

MnM Gaming vs Waterbottle

A match held for the courtesy of the teams who played really well throughout the tournament, but who just missed out on the chance to play in the Grand Finals. Both teams can fight for the honor of being one the TOP 3 teams in this year’s TMM Team Cup. Hopefully both teams come to this match not defeated, but determined to be one of the TOP 3 teams in TMM Team Cup 2016 and giving us a match worthy to be watched!

Here is the overview of the current play-off tree.

MAP PACK 10 – Grand Finals and 3rd place play-off

Map name: TMM – Fort Boyard ¬ TC16.
Author: kappa.
Map name: TMM – NOVABLIXT ¬ TC16.
Map name: TMM – Scandal (ft.mdpoint) ¬ TC16.
Authors: kappa & mdpoint

Shortz Productions

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