You would like to contribute to our TC19 by creating maps? Just like in the previous years, you can do so. There will be a team of maptesters ready to rate all sent-in maps. The best maps in average points will officially be part of the TrackMania Masters Team Cup 2019.

Before submitting your map to us, please test your map thoroughly on all aspects, which could be a reason to not pick your map. Most famous: wallbangs, cuts, geardowns, graphical glitches and extreme difficulty.


  • Send your map in an eMail to with the unformatted map name (without colorcodes etc.) as subject.
  • Unless we decide to pick and release your map, do not publish your map in any way while the tournament is ongoing.
  • Check your eMails daily, you might receive a message from us, if changes are necessary. You will also receive an eMail if we scheduled the release of your map
  • If your map has been released by us, you have to upload it to ManiaExchange


  • Only maps we received from 23rd Dec 2018 to 19th Jan 2019 will be accepted
  • You can send up to 3 maps (but keep in mind, that we search for quality, not quantity)
  • At max 2 authors
  • Style: (Speed-)Tech
  • Length: 35s to 50s
  • Mood: Day
  • Display cost limit: 2000 CC
  • Signpack: TC-Signpack
    Use each advert-sign at least once
  • Map name format: $i$xxxTMM$fff-Mapnamehere$xxx¬$fffTC19
    Change xxx to your favoured color code, also at most 2 colors allowed
  • Thumbnail: a top down view, so that you can see the map as a whole
  • You can use the Competition Titlepack, Blockmixing and the Mesh Editor to build the map, but avoid excessive usage of it


You can request feedback about your map by asking the administration after all maps were released. Just tell us your mapname.