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Despite the limited time to prepare, we are happy with how the TC17 went. Yet, we feel like we should make some changes to the tournament format for the TC18 to improve tournament experience for the TrackMania competitive community.

In this post we would like to inform you about the changes and their reasons, which will be applied to this years Team Cup. You can read up the details about the TC18 here.


We will use a new website to administrate the Team Cup. OGSeries, which we teamed up with since 2015, wasn’t used by the players at all to schedule the match times for numerous reasons.

This year, we decided to switch to We will administrate the TC18 completely on this new website. Also, the registration in the TrackMania Masters forum (which some teams had problems with) is not needed anymore.

We would like to thank OGSeries a last time for their efforts and their pricemoney.

Considering the number of changes TrackMania Masters is about to introduce to their Team Cup, especially the new organization platform, we hope on your understanding and patience if things don’t go perfectly smooth in the first place. We strongly believe the change of platform to was necessary and will help us in the long run.

For more information about, visit their Help Center.


As OGSeries now dropped as a sponsor with prizemoney, TrackMania Masters itself will provide some prizes. They will not be as big as the ones provided by OGS the last years, but it’s not the main reason to participate in a TrackMania tournament anyways, we think.

With the new website, we have a bigger potential to find new sponsors for TrackMania Masters, maybe we get lucky.


While there will be no major changes to the schedule, TrackMania Masters is a part of the newly founded TrackMania eSports Collaboration, which suggested to organize the big team tournaments completely during a single quarter of the year.
Despite that suggestion, this time around we decided to keep the (more or less) same schedule for the Team Cup, simply because there would be a 2 month break for team tournaments in TrackMania after the ESL CPS19, if we would host the TC18 after the Gamers Assembly finished.


So, here is the real deal. Inspired by TrackMania Open and their map rotation system, we came up with a new system to introduce the cup maps teams have to drive on.

Instead of having several newly released mappacks like in all other years before, and instead of having multiple maps, which rotate in and out to build a single mappack on a specific playday, we release one new map each other week, which will be added to the general mappool of previously released maps for the TC18. The first release will happen at the end of ESL CPS19, 28th Jan 2018.

How does this work exactly?
On each playday, the first submatch has to be driven on the latest released map (e.g. matches groupstage #1 starts with map #3), while the next maps will be picked by the team, who lost the previous submatch.
You can pick out of all previously released maps, e.g. In the 3rd groupstage match, the trailing team after the first submatch can pick one map out of the mappool, which holds 4 maps at the time.
This system does not sound interesting in groupstage #1, but will get from groupstage #2 then. Additionally to the possibly new tactics, people don’t have to train completely new maps, but rather refresh the old ones, they already knew.

In the playoffs, you will get an optional map-ban, which you can apply shortly after the opposite team picked the next map.


The submatch format is the same as always. 4v4, up to 7 points, tennismode only used in playoffs.
The overall tournament format is the same as always. A groupstage and a following playoff tree.

But, the formats in between are different.
The groupstage will be changed into a Swiss System, with 1 point for each won map and 1 point for a bye round. Depending on the number of signed up teams, we will generate more than one group with the Swiss System – a bit like the years before. But the match format stays the same for the groupstage, 3 Maps.
Creating manual group seedings created unfair groups in previous editions. Using a Swiss System, which automatically create the matches based on their skill (at least in the later stages), is a much more reasonable system to use in the long run.

The playoffs system is still a single elimination bracket, but the match format will change. Last year, playoff matches were shorter in average than group stage matches. This didn’t feel that right, so in future, playoffs have to be played in a Best-Of-5 format.


Railag will join TrackMania Masters as a referee to help us administrate the matches on All news and updates around TrackMania Masters and the Team Cup 2018, published on our website, facebook and discord, will be still in the charge of the administration.


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