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As the Team Cup 2018 concluded, we asked you via a Google Survey to give us some feedback about all changes of the TC18. In this post we would like to summarize the given feedback to give you an overview on what others think.

Some general things first: we received 121 responses, which is quite a high number, so thanks a lot for all your feedback.
For all questions we asked you, we will give you a simple chart, so you can draw your own conclusions, but for the custom comments, we will pick the most note-worthy and appearing opinions (but not 100% verbatim).


This is the only section we don’t give you charts on, because we intended this question to be a little helper for us to analyze all responses better. But we still will give you a little insight about all survey participants:

  • 2 of 3 survey participants are in the age of 18 to 24.
  • Nearly 30% participated in over 20 competitions in TrackMania.
  • Over 70% participated in 2 to 5 TMM Team Cups before, while 1 out of 4 is relatively new to them.
  • 50% of the survey participants did participate in about half of the matches.

In our point of view, this is about the structure of survey participants we hoped to see, so it’s reasonable to state, that this survey is representative.


Now, let’s get to the more interesting parts.

At the beginning of the year, we announced a new mappool system, getting rid of the mappack system, where we had issues with the map quality, the longer the Team Cup lasted.
After our fresh experience with the mappool, these are your responses.

  • Bring back the old structure with 3 maps per week
  • Too many maps in the end
  • You should set 5 maps for groupstage, 7 maps for playoffs
  • Release and drop 2 maps every week
  • Let the community vote which map(s) to drop


The biggest change in the tournament structure was replacing the groupstage with a Swiss System, splitted into 2 groups. Also, for the Playoffs we applied a Best-Of-5 system, which is the first time it was ever used in a team tournament, as far as we know. We felt, that these changes were successful (apart from sometimes missing match reports delaying the creation of the next round), but how do you think about it?

  • Matches got really long, maybe reduce number of rounds to win a map
  • Release one ‘quali’ map to use for seedings
  • 16 teams instead of 32 for the Playoffs
  • Really liked the BO5 in the Playoffs
  • Keep the Swiss System
  • The Team Cup lasted too long
  • Wanted to see the BO5 later in the Playoffs
  • The Swiss System was a little too random


We had quite a few changes in organization and communication structures before and whilst this years Team Cup. Leaving OGSeries did drop the sponsored prizemoney of 250€. Here is, how you see our choices.

  • Try to use your own website more
  • Only the team captain could use
  • Discord Server makes communication a lot easier
  • has not been used to its full potential
  • Would like to see full match reports on (exact individual scores etc.)


A section dedicated to anything around the Team Cup, which was not covered by the previous sections. We have some things in mind to improve the Team Cup in the next years outside of the basic structure and gave you the opportunity to take a vote on our ideas.

  • More statistics would be awesome
  • Double Playdays gogo
  • Prodigy Update was bad
  • Respecting rules should be more strict

That’s your feedback compiled to one post. There are some suggestions we definitely will take on in the next year, and there are some suggestions we have to drop, because there is simply no way to satisfy everybody.
We hope, that our approach to talk this clearly with our community by surveys is welcomed, while we try our best to keep this kind of communication up.

In the next years, we are looking for some stability in our structures again, because as we already stated in January, the TC18 would get a bit experimental.

Again a huge shoutout to all guys, who helped creating this years edition of the TMM Team Cup, and – of course – to all participants, because you make our efforts valuable.

For TrackMania Masters
– axelalex2

P.S.: we now can fully focus on the TTC for our proposed goals in 2018.


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