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HOTROOD SPEEDTECH EDITION (~3 minutes, one map)

Hello guys,

we are happy to announce recent success in expanding the True Talent Cup – allowing even more players to participate.
This Thursday, 12th January 2017 will have two TTC servers again, which allow up to 470 participants in total. Below you will find the updates compared to the usual True Talent Cups and their usual rulebook. All things not mentioned were not changed. Please make sure to read this throroughly and do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Discord.


Server 1: TM Masters True Talent Cup Server 1 (235 playerslots) – Sever admin: Dino
Joinlink: maniaplanet://#join=tm2m_ttc
Add-favourite link: maniaplanet://#addfavourite=tm2m_ttc
Server 2: TM Masters True Talent Cup Server 2 (235 playerslots) – Server admin: Barney
Joinlink: maniaplanet://#join=tm2m_ttc2
Add-favourite link: maniaplanet://#addfavourite=tm2m_ttc2


True Talent Cup starts simultaneously on both Servers #1 and #2 at 20.00 CET with the same mappack. As soon as we are in the  NEW: Top 100 (100 players left or less) the TTC gets interrupted on both servers.
Players from the Server which NEW: finishes earlier get whitelisted and are able to join the other Server within five minutes after admin’s announcement to do so. Just click the joinlink in the message, otherwise join with the password “ttctop100”.
True Talent Cup restarts shortly afterwards on Server 1 with the Top 100 remaining players.

Both severs are online and joinable with links above – make sure to add it to your favourites now already. Also, both servers run on the Competition Titlepack. (ESL) The titlepack got recently updated so make sure to connect NOW already and download the update before the TTC.


Detailed guide for the server which reaches Top 100 SECOND:
– TTC starts as usually
– TTC gets interrupted as soon as 100 players are reached or less
– TTC players remain on the server, rejoining is not possible
– TTC restarts as soon as joining process from other server is done, ~200 players should be left

Detailed guide for the server which reaches Top 100 FIRST:
– TTC starts as usually
– TTC gets interrupted as soon as 100 players are reached or less, Do NOT leave yet
– TTC players are able to join the other server via clickable link or by manually joining with the server password “ttctop100” AFTER Admin’s announcement to do so within five minutes (via whitelist, no unauthorized joining possible to the other Server)
– TTC restarts with ~200 players left on the other Server


1) Usual breaks might be removed – instead have your break during the “break” because of merging the Servers. Always keep an eye on the lobbytime and what the Admins Barney & Dino announce.
2) Before TTC starts: Only join the server which has less participants – try to make the people connected as balanced as possible to avoid delays before starting the TTC on both servers
3) One server might need to wait for the other server, as one server could reach the Top 100 earlier. Keep an eye on admin’s announcements on the chat – we try to avoid making it possible for players to keep on driving the TTC mappack.
4) This is the SECOND time with a XXL TTC. Remember things could go wrong either because of plugin updates or because of the whitelist/joining process. Please stay calm and do not spam – usual TTC rules still apply!
5) Operators who were knocked out on one server are still able too join the other server via whitelist – make sure to go in specmode. We see when you try to cheat yourself in and /admin removeop immediately 🙂
6) There will be no kick at 19.40 CET like usually. Password will be added to both server and homepage at 19.00 CET.

Thank you,
Dino & Barney


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  • […] Since the server limit is 235, we decided to offer two servers and as soon as the Top 50 were reached on both servers, TTC was paused and players from Server #2 joined Server #1. Shortly afterwards the TTC restarted with 100 players left. Read more about this special TTC here. […]

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