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Hey there,

below you find the results of TTC #68 – Lorelei edition which took place in TrackMania 2 with 235 players (full server).
TrackMania Masters will be on vacation for several weeks – check out our Facebook page that you don’t miss the comeback.
Our server host also upgrades to an even faster server which will hopefully redcude lags/no CPs etc.(Bear in mind that mostly the lag is caused by players or MasterServer of TM, not the TTC server!)

Thanks for the full server tonight and see you soon. If any questions occur you will still get a reply on Facebook.
Have fun!

TTC #68 – Top 5:
1. dignitas/Insane
2. dignitas/Spam
3. Scrapie
4. euronics.Shorty
5. the.Dexter

TTC #68 – Top 30:

top30 ttc 68

TTC #68 – Top 235:
top 200 tc 68
TTC #68 – Top Records:
toprecs ttc 68


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