TTC Long Speedtech edition 2: RESULTS

By August 10, 2016 News


below you will find the results of the special True Talent Cup edition of tonight: TTC Long Speedtech edition #2 by mdpoint.
Tonight’s True Talent Cup had only one instead of five maps, but this one map was crazier than a mappack of 5 maps. Mdpoint made a good job building a almost three minute speedtechmap which was at no point boring to play. It took a while that the players got to know the map, eventually we saw the best time of 2:44.03 driven by Loko (._raul_.).

People who had problems with long loading times or no checkpoint times are supposed to read the suggestion in the TTC information.

10th August 2016
Top 5:
1. HOT///Dino
2. PkD//Flyer
3. euronics.Shorty
4. GlavniMacan aka RTA Mel(?) admin2010
5. ANEflyps

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