TTC RPG #3 – AlexOor edition: RESULTS

By July 20, 2016 News

Tonight the third RPG True Talent Cup took place – once again in the older version of TrackMania: TrackMania Nations Forever.
112 players met on the Server this Wednesday evening to find out who will be the True Talent tonight.


RPG is known for very creative obstacles and routes – really hard to finish. It’s a complicated task to build TTC maps in this style, since we all know TTC maps must be finishable in the very first round immediately with no warmup and no map release. We thank AlexOor for mapping tonight!

Once again Shorty made it very far but he is still waiting for his first TTC victory. He had dozens of Top 5 results in the past TTCs .
His teammate Marius89 made it even further, but Lioncast.Aurel had the better lines at the last map and managed to win his first True Talent Cup! Congratulations!

TTC RPG #3 – AlexOor edition – Top 5:
1. Lioncast.Aurel
2. euronics.Marius89
3. euronics.Shorty
4. ANE wallouf
5. esu | Harry

top 30






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