Show your real skills, untrained!

TM Masters True Talent Cup is one of the most popular cups in TrackMania’s history. This unique knockout format in combination with unseen maps gave the TrackMania community a new and exciting way of racing competition online and it grew to become the main event for alot of TrackMania gamers. Today TM Masters True Talent Cup is hosted for 250 players almost every week and live casted in english by several streamers, all to see who the winner will be, the last man standing – The True Talent!

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TM Masters True Talent Cup #112 – Bootsy edition
Platform: TM² Competition Titlepack

Thursday, 20th September 2018

20.00 CEST
ends at around 22:00 CEST

TM Masters TTC #112!


19.40 CEST -> TTC Server closes
19.50 CEST -> TTC Server opens
20.00 CEST -> TTC Server closes at the latest (secret password), TTC starts


Platform: TrackMania² Competition Titlepack.
Cup mode: KnockOut! The last player(s) in every round will be knocked out.
Type: Individual racing
Maximum player amount: 250
Winner: Last man standing


  1. Server will be opened at 19.50 CEST
  2. Be at the TMM TTC Server before 20.00 CEST – Server closes at 20.00 CEST or earlier if the server is full
  3. An old TTC map will be on the server, which will be deleted once the cup starts
  4. Admin closes the server (secret password)
  5. Admin adds the brand new TTC maps to the server
  6. Admin starts the cup at 20.00 CEST
  7. How to join: No registration required! Just join the server. Remember to prepare everything before joining, such as changing your nickname and changing your buttons. Rejoining after the start is not possible!
  8. Download the TTC Mapsign pack: To have the important TTC Signs, follow all mentioned steps here:
    YouTube TUTORIAL
  9. Avoid long loading times: As we are using a powerserver, any lag or long loading time issues are caused by your computer/connection. Follow all these steps to avoid long loading times which often results in not getting any checkpoint times and hence a knockout:
    > Delete the TrackMania Cache in the settings
    > Decrease TrackMania quality, especially shadows
    > Turn off up- and downloads in the TrackMania settings
    > Restart TrackMania before joining the TTC server
    > Turn off all programs beside TrackMania
    > Do not up- and download anything while driving


  1. No practice time, 10 warmups which end after 10 seconds just to prevent long loading times, not to see the whole map (10x once after a skip!)
  2. Respawn is ALLOWED!
  3. Cutting and any kinds of cheating will NOT be tolerated – may not only result in a ban from the current cup – but also from ANY TMM cups!
  4. Break: After the half of total rounds, a break of 5 minutes will be added. (watch the chat ingame and keep an eye on the lobbytime!)
  5. Multi-Knockout:
    Players left: 1 to 20 -> 1 KO
    Players left: 21 to 60 -> 2 KOs
    Players left: 61 to 120 -> 3 KOs
    Players left: 121 to 200 -> 4 KOs
    Players left: > 201 -> 5 KOs
  6. Retire = KO
  7. DNF (did not finish) = KO
  8. DC (disconnect) = KO
  9. 5 rounds on each map – then the next map will be loaded. After 5 maps it will start over again with the first map.
  10. If you are knocked out you will be kicked. Please use the stream then! You can NOT join back on the server. Secret Password!
  11. Insulting/swearing/cutting may result in a kick/ban without a warning. Keep your language clean and do not spam the chat.


Spam is our main TTC streamer. Streamers get the privilege to stay on the server, if they got knocked out of the cup. You can apply for this list aswell. Stream atleast 3 out of the 4 last TTCs, send the links to the VODs via private message to our Facebook Page and you’ll become an operator temporarily. Then, if you again stream 3 out of the last 4 TTCs and send us the VOD links, you’ll get operator rights permanently, if you keep streaming on a regularily basis.

5 Streamers on this list at max.

[EN] Spam
[EN] Speedy
[DE] Nutella


If you got any question before the cup started (max 15 min before it starts), write a message to our TM Masters site on Facebook or on our Discord Channel, there will be someone taking care of it as soon as possible.



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axelalex2 (Head-Admin & Plugin-Coder)
Suprime (Server-Admin)
Dino (Server-Admin)
Barney (Plugin-Coder)
Railag (Maptester)
Hotrod (inactive)


Maps: 5 different “Easy” to “Intermediate”, very clear map navigation. Approx 35-45 sec. Minimal scenery. No creative obstacles.
Attention! You will NOT see the maps before the cup starts! Everyone will go untrained into this cup. NO MAP RELEASE! NO PRACTICE TIME! NO WARMUP!

Authors, please read this thoroughly in case you want to submit a TTC mappack:


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