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TMM Dirt True Talent Cup #1 | Cousin Edition | 25.02.2016 What happened? Read more…

25th of February 2016 was the first time in TTC history that the entire TTC was only driven on dirt. This brought new faces to TTC who we do not often see like the «ĐÐ२» (aka Dirty Deeds Racing) drivers who were dominating Dirt TTC as expected. Like always, the TTC’s was driven on 5 different maps (this time made by Cousin aka smrcxantischumi2) and everybody drove the maps untrained.

The funniest moment was the chaos on the fifth track when it was driven for the first time. When it came to the last part of the track, many people were confused and did not know exactly where to go. This lead to a lot of knockouts from the cup, 28 players got knocked out of the race due to not finishing, meaning that 99 players quickly became 71. Of course this meant that the in-game chat exploded with many LOLs and probably a lot of laughter behind the computer.

The rest of the rounds went slowly player by player and leaving us with the last 3 remaining players. Unfortunately, Fox | Papou got a blue screen (according to Papou’s comments in game) during the race and could not drive anymore, meaning that Papou was knocked out, leaving the best «ĐÐ२» drivers for the 1 vs 1 final.

The last race was intense and pretty close, but «ĐÐ२» Vennike made enough mistakes that gave «ĐÐ२» DuffarN the win. «ĐÐ२» DuffarN became the first Dirt TTC champion, congratulations to him!

The entire dirt TTC was played and later casted by dignitas/Spam (, who also streams via Twitch. ( If you are interested in joining the TTC and playing it, all information can be found on the website of TrackMania Masters ( & other interesting things. Frequent updates about other cups/TTC’s are posted on TMM Facebook page (

Top 30 and Top 150 can be found at the bottom.

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