Weekly Review – Round 3

By March 11, 2012 November 11th, 2013 News

Another week gone by in the TMM teamcup of 2012. First off id like to tell about a great discovery that I made about the TMcommunity this week. Even though the players and teams play against eachother in the tournament there is always a friendly attitude while training with each other. Wich is a really cool thing that I think is pretty unique, so keep that up!

Now on topic, I watched two games this week.
MP vs. eEriness.
Talking to Discodoom (one of the leaders in MP) before the match he told me that he was hoping for/expecting a consistent match between these good teams. Later into that match his hopes were confirmed when the two welltrained teams made it hard for each other. 5-7 on two maps for eEriness got them to victory.

Stigmata vs. Gamed.de
This was a match between two well known teams both with great lineups. They made an action filled match full of eventfull rounds. The match was won by Gamed.de after beating Stigmata on two maps with 4-7 on the first one and 6-7 on the second one. There was a stream of this match with two amazing casters from Stigmata.

/See you online!


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