Weekly Review – Round 5

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It’s crazy how fast the weeks go by now. Hard to believe im already reviewing the action of week 5.

[twothirds_columns ]The match Team Acer vs POL was streamed by Frostbeule himself. I only got to watch the last map of that so I asked Frostbeule to write down some comments about the match wich he kindly did.

-“This was the last group-stage match of TMM for us. We knew that POL were a pretty good team so we tried to prepare a little extra this time. Though we did do just that, we almost lost the first map having the lead 6-1 but letting the polish guys come back to 6-5. However we managed to finally take the last round and win it. After that we won the 2nd map 7-1 playing much better and also the extra 3rd map. So this means Acer finish 1st in our group and we’re looking forward to the playoffs.”[/twothirds_columns] [onethird_columns_last ]
Frostbeule – Team Acer.[/onethird_columns_last]

Thats all for week 5, GG.
See you Online- IMA


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