Weekly Review – Round 7

By April 9, 2012 November 11th, 2013 News

Week 7 of TMM Team cup 2012 including the last stage before quarter finals has gone by. This far into the tournament you can’t get anything else then exciting matches. So this week was full of them.

I watched the prestigeous match between GamersLeauge and TeamDruidz. It was not only prestigious because of these two teams being really good, also because there was a Swedish team against a Norwegian team. GL with the guestplayer Bergie gave TeamDruidz a good match but Druidz managed to win 3 maps in a row against GL.

Infused vs RtA was one of the hot games this week as well. Infused dominated the first map with the score 7-2. On the second map RtA gave infused a real challenge but it was not enough to beat them on the second map either. But even though the match was already over for RtA, they showed just how strong they are when they won the third map with the score 7-1.
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