Weekly Review – Round 8

By April 18, 2012 November 11th, 2013 News

The Quarter-finals has passed by in the TMM Teamcup of 2012. In this stage dac-SP knocked Frogs of War out of the tournament, making them ready for semi-finals. Team Acer was also knocked out from the tournament when GAMED.DE managed to win the last point on the third map in the thrilling match between the teams.
Since I didn’t have time to watch the two games between BX3 vs mCon and Druidz vs Infused, I gathered some comments from some actual players from the two winning teams.

Druidz eSport – Team Infused
“The first map that we played was Afterglow, in the beginning everything went really well and it felt like we had the advantage. But then Infused 3 rounds, but we ended up winning the map 7-3. The second map was Matahari, and that one became a real thriller. Like the last map it started of well, we made a lead of 5-2. And then Infused starting their sick comeback making it 6-6. But we managed to get a really nice round and won the second map aswell.”

/HedeN – Druidz E-Sports.

Team BX3 – Mouse Control
“First of all i have to say that mCon is a great team with good potential! They show nice performance in TMM so far! After we win the first map we played ”Bangarang”, where we get a close match until 7-6. I didn’t feel so good cause i haven’t train this map very well, but still it was good enough to win this match! Now we will focus on the match vs. dac-SP and hope to advance to the finals !”

/ChillerSide – Team BX3.

That’s all for this week, don’t miss out on upcoming games between
dac-SP – Team BX3
GAMED.DE – Druidz E-Sport
Information about relays and streams will be posted on our facebook page, stay tuned!



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