Weekly Review – Round 6

By April 2, 2012 November 11th, 2013 News

Week 6 passed by in this wonderful tournament. First I would like to remind you of how important it is to tell your opponents as fast as possible if you can’t play the match against them for any reasond. It must feel terrible to train for a week for no reasond.

Now back to the matches. This week I watched Reset vs. Antis. This match was probably one of the most even match I have ever spectated in my 3 years of TMNF. The two teams was getting points back and forth and their tags looked just like eachothers you easily got confused.
On the second map where Reset already having 1 point from the previous map the score got to 6-6. The time stood still when the deciding round was played, and amazingly enough there was a draw. Then Reset took the last point making them the winner of this battle.
This match was streamed and commented by Tr.Ciacho. It was a wonderful stream with an enthusiastic caster.

See you Online- IMA


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