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After a bunch of private and public testing of our new KO-Plugin for ManiaControl, we are finally sure enough, that we can return to TrackMania² with the True Talent Cup, a moment a lot of you have been waiting for for over 1 year now. With that, there are a lot of updates coming, some of them already covered in

One of the updates is about our current TMNF server, hosted by Toffe. We will let run out the contract with him, because we now host the TM² server ourselves and have no use for the TMNF server in the future. So, we would like to thank Toffe for his efforts to provide us with a fast and reliable server for this 1 year. His services were always on point, so we definitely can recommend him as a server hoster.

There were still some issues with lags in the latest test caused by the MP-Server itself (although we disabled P2P serverwise), so we would like to remind you of some options you have to reduce lags yourself:

  • Delete the TrackMania Cache in the settings
  • Decrease TrackMania quality, especially shadows
  • Turn off up- and downloads in the TrackMania settings
  • Restart TrackMania before joining the TTC server
  • Turn off all programs beside TrackMania
  • Do not up- and download anything while driving

Also, don’t forget to install the signpack manually:

Some other questions you might have are covered in the section below.

Thank you all for your patience and support throughout the past year. The other information pages about the TTC will be updated tomorrow accordingly to all updates.

Does that mean TTCs in TMNF/TMUF will be never a thing anymore?

That’s our plan. Maybe Nadeo pushes another big plugin-breaking update, so we would go with TMNF temporarily again, but we want to move on to more modern platforms. We are sorry for all players, who like TMF more, but our decision stands.

How many players are able to play?

Our server should be capable of handling 250 players, but we didn’t had a server with that many players yet. We have to see.

Will you update something about the format?

No, the format will stay the exact same. 5 unknown maps, 5 rounds on each map, multiple KOs at more players, last man standing wins.

Will you host TTCs in other Titlepacks/Environments besides Stadium in the Competition Titlepack?

Just like different map styles, it depends on the interest of the community. We won’t say “No” instantaneously.

If we have further questions, how can we contact you?

If you don’t find an answer on, then just as always: write us a PM on, a message on our Discord Channel or a DM in Discord. For general questions you should ask publicly, because it might interest other players to know, too.


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