The TMM will start soon and we are looking for maps!

So that players and maptesters don’t have a bad time playing on your creations, here are a few guidelines to help you create your maps for the TMM 2022. Before uploading your map(s), please make sure to respect each criterion scrupulously, remembering that quality prevails over quantity!

Style: Tech
Lengths: 1 short version of ~45sec & 1 long version of ~60sec (both versions are mandatory for each map)
Mood: Day only
Blockmix, mixmapping and embedded objects: Allowed as long as it’s clean
Difficulty: Progressive, intermediate to advanced, challenging for several weeks of playing
Scenery: Competitive. Attractive without reducing the playability for the players
Map Name: “$n$o$C00TMM2022$FFFMapname-S” for the short version and “$n$o$C00TMM2022$FFFMapname-L” for the long version. No space in the whole name
Recommended: Obstacles & CPs placed carefully; only place those when needed and without blinding any turn/apex in all cams
Not recommended: Forced lines, drifts on black metal platforms, jumps into a sideways finish, black colored roads, killer sections (speedcheck, full stop,…), fake roads, unintentional geardowns, reverse banked roads (with risky grip loss). Overall the enjoyability and playability (in training and in match especially) are key points to keep in mind while building, yet it needs to be challenging for most players Maximum 2 maps (both short and long versions count as only 1 map) by author (any combinations of 2 among solo, duo,… authors). The map must be known only by yourself(-ves in case of multiple authors).
Signs: Place empty 4×1 signs for arrows and empty 2×1 and 1×1 signs for sponsors. Signs will be added later
Items: Feel free to use this logo
Deadline: 11th of September 2022 at 20:00 CEST
MX link:

Full details of the guidelines can also be found on the Trackmania Exchange page. If you have any questions or hesitations about any of these guidelines, please feel free to contact an admin directly on the competition Discord!

While waiting for your creations, we hope you are already hyped for the TMM 2022! See you soon on the networks and on the game!


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