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In 2019, TrackMania Masters will start off the competitive season with their own Team Cup. The last time victorious team Venture eSports will try to defend their title, which no team except the legends of Dignitas were able to do. Behind Venture, there are some tough competitors for the title, trying to win the prestigious first team tournament of the year.

Moving forward with the format of the Team Cup, we took some of your feedback into account when planning the TC19, so we have quite some changes for the upcoming TC again. Let’s break them down for you.


Usually, we seeded every team into different groups, based on our experience about the drivers skill. It got a lot easier last year with the newly added Swiss System in TC18, but still some effort to do.
We will get rid of this by adding a Qualification Stage before it. A KnockOut Cup on the first released maps, similar to the TTC, will be held on 3rd Feb to determine the teams seeds. The more rounds you are able to survive, the higher your teams seed will be. More information about it are still to come, as participant numbers depend on the number of registered teams.


The playoffs will get a more important role in the TC than before. We will not only have 2 different playoffs trees, one for the top teams, one for the runner-ups, but also a Double-Elimination-Bracket for the title fight, giving the teams a second chance after a loss.
This new format comes directly from your feedback on the past TC18, where players, who played more matches (got further in the tournament) wanted to see 2 matches a weekend happening. But to keep the playtime better handable for the first time we try this, only at the last weekend, we will have matches in the BO5 format.


The map pool will be limited to the newest 5 maps for 3-map/BO3 matches and to the newest 7 maps for BO5 matches. Picks and bans are still to be done in the match, only the rule about the bans will receive a slight alteration; you have one ban available, which you have to use as soon as you won your first map.

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