RULES – TMM Solo Cup 2011

Max 64 racers (8 in 8 groups)
Entry Fee: 1.000 coppers

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Mode: Eight (qualification cups in rounds
Cups mode: 1v1v1v1 cupmode
5 rounds per challenge – 2 warm up
2 winners (to reach 150 pts)
Points: up to 150 – 10 pts (winner) for each round
Cup slots: 8 players, single elimination each
Map Style: Tech and Speed tech maps (mid 30-45s)
Maps: TMM-???, TMM-???, TMM-???, TMM-???, TMM-???
Server: provided by the Team HOT

1:st 30.000 copper
2:nd 15.000 coppers
3:rd 5.000 coppers

– Competition Method: 1 vs.1 vs.1 vs.1

– Game Winner: in the qualifying stage, it is the player to first reach the set point limit. In the second stage, it is the player that becomes the first finalist to win an additional round.

– The races will be hosted on the TMM servers (in SWE) to which all the participating players must connect.

– Arriving late for a scheduled match may result in a forfeit at the discretion of the Chief Referee.

– TMM reserves the right to install additional software and/or join as an observer for tournament operations purposes, such as verifying match results or gathering
match data.

The TMM Solo Cup shall consist of four stages:

Qualifying in “rounds mode”
Matches will be set up on servers in SWE. (All times are in CET. Amsterdam, Oslo, Stockholm etc)

Important: only 3 maps in qualification round

Important rules – READ:
1. Dont be late. If you are not there the match starts and you will be eliminated. And TMM will try to get other reserv player in.

2. Enter server with registered name

3. If there is time, be on server minimum 5 minuts before BUT not if a match is ongoing.

After each round, the players are given points based on their standing:
1st – 10pts. / 2nd – 8pts. / 3rd – 6pts. / 4th – 4pts / 5th – 3pts /6th – 2pts /7th – 1pts /8th – 1pts / 9th – 1pts /DNF – 0pts

A series of rounds is being played on the same track until one of the players reaches the set point limit of 50 pts.

Then the match moves on to the next track in the list and another series of rounds is played.

When all the tracks have been played, the total number of points earned by each player in each round is calculated and the four players with the most amount of points advance to the next stage.