Tournament: TrackMania Masters Team Cup 2018
Shortname: TMM TC18
Game Platform: TrackMania 2 Stadium
Titlepack: Competition Titlepack
Match format: team mode (rounds), pointslimit 7, 4v4
Style: Tech/Speedtech, 35s to 50s maplength
Default match time: Sun 20.00 CET
Cup platform:
Discord server:


Winner: 80€
2nd: 50€
3rd: 20€

all prizes are provided by TrackMania Masters


until 11th Feb: team registration & map submission opened
until 17th Feb: lineup changes allowed

28th Jan 2018: release of map #1
4th Feb 2018: release of map #2
11th Feb 2018: release of map #3
18th Feb 2018: groupstage #1 & release of map #4
25th Feb 2018: groupstage #2 & release of map #5
4th Mar 2018: groupstage #3 & release of map #6
11th Mar 2018: groupstage #4 & release of map #7
18th Mar 2018: groupstage #5 & release of map #8
25th Mar 2018: groupstage #6 & release of map #9

25th Mar 2018 – 1st Apr 2018: lineup changes allowed
1st Apr 2018: NO MATCHDAY! Easter & Gamers Assembly break

8th Apr 2018: playoffs #1 & release of map #10
15th Apr 2018: playoffs #2 & release of map #11
22nd Apr 2018: playoffs #3 & release of map #12
29th Apr 2018: playoffs #4 & release of map #13
6th May 2018: Grand Final & match for 3rd


Mode: swiss system (wikipedia article)
Format: 3 maps, 7 points, no tennismode
Playdays: 6
Points: 1 point for each won map, 1 point for a bye round
Tiebreaker: number of matches won, Buchholz (wikipedia article), number of maps won, submatch score difference


Mode: single elimination (+ match for 3rd)
Format: best of 5, 7 points, tennismode
Participants: 32 best teams from the groupstage



1.1. Take the cup seriously, do not quit halfway through.
1.2. Behave towards all other people participating in this cup and respect the rules of fair-play.
1.3. The administrators of the cup reserve the right to change or expand the rules in special case problems to ensure a fair competition.
1.4. If you have questions, the best way to contact us is by writing a PM to the TrackMania Masters facebook page.


2.1. Registrations
2.1.1. Teams have to register on, all other ways of registration are not accepted.
2.1.2. The team captain has to write the full team lineup with all maniaplanet logins into the registration application.
2.1.3. Team members can only register for one team throughout the whole cup.
2.1.4. With the registration you automatically accept the given rules.

2.2. Lineup
2.2.1. You need at least 4 players and can add at most 12 players to participate in this cup. There is no non-playing position in a team.
2.2.2. Lineup changes are allowed until the given deadline on 17th Feb 2018.
2.2.3. Additional lineup changes can be applied from 26th Mar 2018 to 1st Apr 2018 (Easter & Gamers Assembly break). Respect rule 2.1.3.
2.2.4. If you want to apply Lineup changes you need to contact the administrators. Message Railag#2329 on Discord, stating your team, player nickname, ingame login, country, and email (optional).

2.3. Servers
2.3.1. Teams have to provide their own match servers.
2.3.2. In case both teams cannot provide a working server, you can ask other teams to provide one for them; TrackMania Masters will not provide any server.
2.3.3. The rounds mode has to be driven with “Alternative Rules”, so the pointsystem becomes: “1st – 8 points, 2nd – 7p, 3rd – 6p, …, 8th – 1p”


3.1. Match formats
3.1.1. Matches in the groupstage are played with 3 maps and no tennis mode.
3.1.2. Matches in the playoffs are played in a Best-Of-5 and with tennis mode.

3.2. Before the match
3.2.1. Contact the opposing team captain at least one day before the default match time in the dedicated match channel on our Discord Server to (re-)schedule the match time (default: Sun 20.00 CEST).
3.2.2. If a team did not respond in any way before the given deadline, the opposing team can ask the administration for a default win.
3.2.3. If the opposing team does not show up with at least four drivers 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, you don’t have to play the match.

3.3. In the match
3.3.1. You may change player between the maps (not during). Special case exchanges (e.g. forced by disconnects) require the agreement of both teams.
3.3.2. Respawning is NOT allowed.
3.3.3. Cuts must NOT be used.
3.3.4. The map which was released latest, has to be driven first in the match (map #3 in groupstage #1, map #4 in groupstage #2 and so on).
3.3.5. In the playoffs tennismode will be used. Tennismode means, that in a submatch with pointlimit 7 and a current submatch score of 6-6, the team which leads first by 2 points will win the submatch.
3.3.6. The team which lost the previous submatch, can pick the next map out of the mappool. You can only pick maps, which were not picked (or banned) in the match already.
3.3.7. In playoffs, the team which won the previous submatch has to ban a map before the opponent picks their map.

3.4. After the match
3.4.1. Report and accept the match result in the dedicated match channel on our Discord Server as soon as the match is over, so the next cup round can be generated.
3.4.2. Type in the exact match history with submatch scores and map picks & bans, also add links to screenshots of the submatch scores.
3.4.3. In case a wrong match result was reported by the other team, mention the Administrators/Moderators. Administrators can correct the match result then, while Moderators can argue between the opponents.