TC19 is coming to an end!

By April 8, 2019 Uncategorized

After already 10 weeks of competition, the final weekend of our Team Cup 2019 is coming up. In the Champions Bracket, Planetkey Dynamics and hpD are the 2 remaining teams in the Upper Bracket, while Venture eSports is waiting for either one of them in the Lower Bracket. In the Challengers Bracket, Metaleak White and THC are challenging each other for the 2nd title to be given out in the TC19.

Join our discord server to follow on the latest action about the Team Cup:

Just as last year, we prepared a little feedback poll about our Team Cup and how we should improve to fit your wishes of a good and fair competition. We always try to look strongly on the feedback of the community, so here you got your chance to get involved.
Please fill in all questions as far as you can. If there is something missing in the poll, so you don’t find the appropriate place to leave some specific feedback of yours for us, mention it in the dedicated discord channel of the previously mentioned discord server.
At the end of the poll you will be asked, if you want to give us your nickname. This would be a help for us to contact you to maybe discuss and understand some of your arguments in more detail. But this is only optional, even if anonymously, every opinion on this poll matters for us.


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