definitions 1.1. Tournament: the TrackMania Masters Team Cup 2019.
1.2. Staff: axelalex2#5793 , Railag#2329 .
1.3. Match: battle between two teams on multiple maps.
1.4. Game: battle between two teams on one map (often called submatch).
1.5. Tennis Mode: in a first-to-7 game, if the score is tied at 6-6, you need to have an advantage of 2 rounds to win the game.
1.6. Qualification: KO-Cup to find initial seeds for the teams.
1.7. Swiss System: stage in which participants will play against opponents closest to their skill level, based on their previous results.
1.8. Champions Bracket: double elimination bracket for the tournament win.
1.9. Challengers Bracket: single elimination bracket disconnected from / below the Champions Bracket.
1.10. Playoffs: both Champions Bracket and Challengers Bracket.
1.11. Discord: if any rule mentions a discord, it means the dedicated discord server for this tournament at
1.12. Match Channel: dedicated text channel on Discord to exchange information about the match between players and the staff.

general 2.1. Take the tournament seriously, do not quit halfway through.
2.2. Behave towards all other people participating in this tournament and respect the rules of fair-play.
2.3. If permanent rule changes will be applied whilst any stage of the tournament in ongoing, the staff promises to communicate the changes clearly.
2.4. The staff reserve the right to change or expand the rules in special case problems to ensure a fair competition. This includes inflicting penalties on teams and players who broke stated rules.
2.5. All match results will be organized on
2.6. All communications regarding this tournament will be held on Discord. The staff will try to keep all channels up-to-date.
2.7. You also can contact us on our facebook page, but our reaction time will be faster on Discord.

teams 3.1. A team can consist of 4 to 12 players.
3.2. Players can be registered for one team only throughout the whole tournament.
3.3. There has to be exactly one captain of a team. The captain takes responsibility of the team as a whole and is the first contact for the staff if problems occur. The team captain does not necessarily need to be a driver himself.
3.4. The voice of the team captain always has priority over those of other team members.
3.5. Joining the Discord is mandatory for the team captain and highly recommended to the team players.
3.6. If the team captain cannot attend a match of his team, he has to announce a replacement for himself for this one match.
3.7. If the team captain decides to leave, the team has to find a replacement for him as soon as possible.
3.8. From 1st Jan - 2nd Feb and 18th Mar - 21st Mar, the team captain can apply changes to the teams lineup. As long as the team registration is opened, you have to edit your teams registration on toornament; otherwise contact the staff.

registration 4.1. Registrations have to be submitted officially on Any other form of registration will not be accepted.
4.2. We only need the correct email address of the team captain. For all other players you are allowed to fill in non-existing email addresses.
4.3. After a successful registration, the team captain has to send the staff the team tag they want to use in Discord and a team logo, minimum 200x200px, squared format.
4.4. If there are problems with your registration submission, the staff will inform you about the reasons.
4.5. With your submitted registration every member of your team automatically accepts to respect the given rules.

tournament format 5.1. The Qualifications will be 4 separated single-KO cups on 2 out of the first 4 maps (exact distribution to be found in the Match Channels), with 7 rounds on each of them. All KOs start at 20:00 CET.
5.2. The team captain has to register 4 members of his team in the Match Channels which should represent their team in the Qualifications. The mentioned players get assigned to the servers in order of the qualification registration.
5.3. The more rounds in total a team has survived in Qualifications, the higher the seed for the Groupstage.
5.4. For the Groupstage, all teams will be split equally into two groups, Group A having: #1, #4, #5, #8, #9, ..., Group B having: #2, #3, #6, #7, #10, ... with the seeds inherited from the Qualifications.
5.5. Each group will play 6 matches in a league with the Swiss System.
5.6. Tiebreakers of the Groupstage will be: 1. number of matches won, 2. Median-Buchholz, 3. number of maps won, 4. Game score difference
5.7. The Champions Bracket (Double Elimination) will be filled with the best 16 teams from the Groupstage, while the Challengers Bracket (Single Elimination) will take the 17th - 32nd teams from the Groupstage.

servers 6.1. Except for the Qualifications and the 2 public servers for training, teams have to provide their own servers.
6.2. If there are sudden problems with servers from both opponents, please contact the staff as soon as possible.
6.3. Recommended script settings: S_AllowRespawn=false, S_FinishTimeout=10, S_UseAlternateRules=true, S_PointsLimit=7, S_MaxPointsPerRound=8, S_NbPlayersPerTeamMax=4, S_NbPlayersPerTeamMin=4
6.4. Additional script settings to enable tennis mode in the Playoffs: S_PointsGap=2

match formats 7.1. Every game has to be played with 4 players from each team.
7.2. The default match time for Groupstage matches is scheduled to Sun, 20:00 CET. Matches in the Playoffs have different default match times visible on, there is less space to reschedule the matches.
7.3. In the Groupstage, teams have to play 3 games, no Tennis Mode.
7.4. In the Playoffs, matches will be played in Best-Of 3, with Tennis Mode.
7.5. At the final weekend, matches are played in Best-Of 5, with Tennis Mode, therefore overruling 7.4..
7.6. In the Grand Finals of the Champions Bracket, the team coming from the Upper Bracket receives a one round advantage in each game.

maps 8.1. Mappers can check all rules regarding submitting maps here.
8.2. The map pool will include all latest released maps, while the size of the map pool is limited to the maximum number of games possible plus 2.

before the match 9.1. Contact the opposing team at least one day before the default match time in the Match Channel on Discord to (re-)schedule the match time.
9.2. If the opposing team does not respond officially before the given deadline, the team captain can ask the staff for a default win.
9.3. If the opposing team does not show up with at least 4 drivers 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, you receive a default win. Even if the teams decide to play for fun, the results of it do not count.

in the match 10.1. You may only change playing positions of your teams between the games. Special case substitutions (e.g. forced by disconnects) require the agreement of both team captains.
10.2. Respawning is not allowed.
10.3. Using cuts is not allowed, cuttable maps will be updated anyways.
10.4. If technical difficulties occur for any player in the first 5 seconds of a round, players are not allowed finish.
10.5. In the first game, teams have to drive on the latest released map.
10.6. As soon as a team won its first game of the match, the captain of that team has to ban a map from the current map pool.
10.7. The team which lost the previous game, has to pick the next map for the next game. You can only pick maps from the current map pool, which were neither picked nor banned in the match already. 10.6. has priority.

after the match 11.1. The team captain has to report all game results with screenshots in the dedicated match channel right after the match is over.
11.2. In case a wrong match result was either reported by the opponents or entered by the staff on, contact the staff as soon as possible.

streams 12.1. You are allowed to stream all your matches, if you include the logo of the tournament (Black or White), the logo of TrackMania Masters (Black or White) and the logo of in the overlay of your stream. Editing the named logos except resizing while keeping the aspect ratio is not allowed. Cycling of the logos is allowed.
12.2. A streamer can request the streamer role on Discord as soon as he cannot participate in any match of the tournament anymore.
12.3. You can announce streamed matches on Discord in the channel #streams , if you post the stream link, the match and the match time with it.
12.4. The staff will try to cover the whole Champions Bracket in streams.