You would like to contribute to our TC20 by creating maps? Just like in the previous years, you can do so. There will be a team of maptesters ready to rate all sent-in maps. The best maps in average points will officially be part of the TrackMania Masters Team Cup 2020.

Before submitting your map to us, please test your map thoroughly on all the stated mapping rules. Most famous reasons to not pick your maps: wallbangs, cuts, geardowns, graphical glitches and extreme difficulty.


  • This year, the map submission will be handled over at ManiaExchange with their mappack feature:
  • Unless we decide to pick and release your map, do not publish your map in any way (this includes mapping on stream).
  • Please only submit a map when it is fully done, we will request changes, when we think they are necessary.
  • You are responsible for checking on updates about your map on MX on a regular basis, we will not remind you individually anywhere else.


  • Only maps we received from 22nd Dec 2019 to 19th Jan 2020 will be accepted
  • You can send up to 3 maps (but keep in mind, that we search for quality, not quantity)
  • No max authors, but we suggest you stay with 2 authors at most
  • Style: (Speed-)Tech
  • Length: 35s to 50s
  • Mood: Any day-setting (lights disabled)
  • Not overloaded scenery (try staying below 2500CC)
  • If you have a risky finish jump, build a safe one, too
  • Use the official TC-Signpack
  • Each ad-sign needs to be used at least twice
  • Calculate high quality shadows
  • Use the map thumbnail in some meaningful way (either a detail-, or wide shot)
  • Map name format: $i$xxxTMM$fff-Mapnamehere$xxx¬$fffTC20 (Change xxx to your favoured color code, also at most 2 colors allowed)
  • Build the map in the Competition Titlepack
  • Blockmixing and the Mesh Editor are allowed, avoid excessive usage


You can request feedback about your map by asking the staff after the last mappack got released, just tell us the mapnames you would like to receive feedback about.