Scheduled to start 10 of march 2013

1st: 50.000 coppers
2nd: 20.000 coppers
3rd: 10.000 coppers

Participant Fee: 2000 coppers/team
Match Type: Team Mode (Rounds) 7 points limit – 4 vs 4
Number of teams: 96
Map & map style:

* Stadium mode
* Mid size Tech and Speedtech ~35-50sec
* 3 maps every other week
* Maps are new, never played online
* Maps are released 1 week before 1st suggested match time.


2.1 Before start playing this cup. You have to take it seriously, not quitting after half time.
2.2 Contact opposite team well ahead of match, to agree on time and place.
2.3 If you cant make the default match time suggestion – contact opposite team captain atleast 1 day before match, and agree upon a new time (before next round).
2.4 You may change players in between maps (not during playing a map)
2.5 Teams has to provide their own match servers.
2.6 If a team is 30 minutes late to a match – the other team wins farfait 3-0
2.7 If a team misses 2 rounds in a row, they are out. The opposite teams wins matches by farfait, 3-0
2.8 Respawn is NOT allowed
2.9 Lineup Change – Allowed before first match in group play.
2.10 Lineup Change – Between 1st and 2:nd Group Play you can add/change 1 player. *NEW*
2.11 Lineup Change – Allowed after group play and before first match in playoff (update your lineup post)
2.12 You can NOT add members thats been active in another TMM team, both retired teams and teams that still in the cup.
2.13 Cuts can absolutly NOT be used. If used the score for the map goes to the other team.
2.14 Questions about rules and cup will be answered by Cup Manager
2.15 MAX 1 guest players -> no mix teams (if not under same organisation)
2.16 A player can only race for one team

2.17 Group play 2
Rule change: All will start from 0 pts in Group Play 2. After understanding the possibilities for unfairness of keeping your points from 1st to 2nd group play, I have desided to change it to let all teams starts at 0 pts in GP2, Sry for the unclearness, but its for the better.

2.18 Playoff rules
1:st and 2:nd in each group play goes to playoffs
If 2 team are tied on 2:nd place in group play, the team that won the match between the teams will advance to playoffs.

Possible scores:
3-0 gives the winner 3 pts and the looser 0 pts
2-1 gives the winner 2 pts and looser 1 pts.

Suggested match times:
Sundays at 20.00 CET (Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Wien…)
Option: teams agree on other time and day. Keep in mind, default match time overrules any other suggestions.