Team Cup is coming up and now its possible to start delievering your TMM maps. There will be a 4-5 map judges that gives each map points, from 1-10. the maps with the highest pts will be selected as cup maps for the TMM Team Cup 2013.

We will need approx: 30 maps

Do like this

[list style=”arrow” color=”red”]
  • Send maps to hotrod_swe[at]
  • Deadline: 24 of feb. Maps are selected feb 24 to mar 03
  • You can contribute max 2 maps + 1 duo
  • Style: Tech and Speed Tech
  • Length: ~ 35-50s
  • Map signs:
  • Sponsor signs (on all maps): LIST BELOW.
  • Map name format: $i$333TMM$fff-Mapnamehere$333¬$fffTC13$333. (change 333 to your color code)

TMM Ingame Sign Advertisement

1. Fragster URL:
2. eMarketeer URL:
4. Team Hot URL:
5. Konkuri URL: (not confirmed)
6. TM-Live URL: (not confirmed)

Selecting maps and vote scores

This is how we do the voting

TMM map jury consisted of 5 great TM racers and 1 bad (me, Hotrod). Only 30 maps would be selected. TMM Jury voted 1-10 for the each map. 1=Worst TMM map ever , 5=Will work, 10=Best TMM ever. You could not vote on your own map. An author could contribute with 2 maps and 1 duo and all of them can be selected for TMM. The top 30 avarage vote score, from all jury members, will deside the map for the cup.