Team Cup is coming up and now its possible to start delievering your TMM maps. There will be a 3-5 map judges that gives each map points, from 1-10. The maps with the highest point average will be selected as cup maps for the TMM Team Cup.

We will need approx: 30 maps

Submit your maps

  • Send maps to hot_tomsen[at]
  • Do NOT upload the maps to ManiaExchange, nor send it to anyone!
  • Check your eMail daily, you might get a message from us when changes on the map are neccessary. You also get notified when your mappack comes out.
  • Once we announced your map, you NOW are supposed to upload it to ManiaExchange!
  • Deadline: 12th March 2017
  • You can contribute max 2 maps + 1 duo
  • Style: Tech and Speed Tech
  • Length: ~ 35-50s
  • Signpack:
    Use every advert atleast once.
  • Map name format: $i$333TMM$fff-Mapnamehere$333¬$fffTC17$333. (change 333 to your color code)
  • The ESL competition titlepack can be used to build the maps , but no excessive usage of it.

Did my map get picked and if yes, when?

Unfortunately, we can’t and won’t answer you this question to make it fair for. Wait and see and remember to check your eMails.