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Since the ManiaPlanet v4 update by Nadeo back in May 2017, we could host not a single True Talent Cup in TrackMania², because the new technical structure of the game broke the old server controller we used to have. One month later our old server hoster ended its services, so we were in need of a new server hoster as well.

Now, this time should be over. We started implementing a completely new plugin in April, based on the server controller ManiaControl. You may have noticed some progress of our plugin, if you took a closer look at our Discord Channel, and we finally can perform a full server test tonight at 20:00 CEST (with the usual procedure But as this is only a server & plugin test, we won’t take unknown maps for this test. (Tip: take a look at the maps of the TC18)

With the new plugin, there are a number of small changes, we would like to explain, before we actually try out our server.


Don’t worry, there still will be a break; but the condition on when the break actually happens changed.
For usual TTCs we will have a break, when:

  • we played more rounds than we still have to play
  • we will have ≥ 50 rounds in total


The result posts won’t feature the number of records in the next weeks. We have other issues we want to concentrate on first.


The scoreboard received a bigger number of updates. From now on, we don’t populate the round information in chat, but in the status bar above the scoreboard. You can see:

  • current number of round
  • maximum total number of rounds
  • minimum number of KOs this round
  • number of players this round
  • exact number of KOs previous round

(this example picture does not hold any meaningful data, it’s manufactured for explanation purposes)


The whitelist (possibility to join our server earlier) will be cleared nearly completely. Back in the days, if you supported us financially, we gave you the opportunity to hand you a spot on the whitelist, probably forever.
We now only want to give players early spots, if the support us for a longer period of time.

All in all, these updates should help us populate the game we all love a little further by moving to the newer, more stable platforms. But we are far from done for our goals in 2018. We will continue to work on some of the goals we mentioned at last Christmas, but also found some new ones, we cannot wait to announce to you, while working on these, too.


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