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By August 5, 2020 May 11th, 2022 News

TL;DR at the bottom, but if you got time, please, do us the favor and read it thoroughly, thank you.

This will probably come as a surprise for a lot of you, maybe a few have seen it coming already, but it is time for us, Railag and axelalex2, to move on from Trackmania, and therefore will soon drop as Admins of TrackMania Masters at the end of the year, latest. We don’t want to blame everything on loss on motivation, simply because we know, that a lot of you are very willing to play our tournaments, which is always a joy to experience, even after the 100+ TTCs we personally have hosted, so that’s a great motivator. No, we both noticed individually, that we want and need to focus a little bit more on IRL stuff, and are generally burned out of Trackmania after playing it for multiple years. Hosting events started to feel like a order, something to be expected, and not like a privilege and exciting thing to do, which not even the new game couldn’t help out with. Don’t get us wrong, the new game picks up on conceptual problems their predecessors had, so it is taking a very solid path, but it also introduces new issues making a transition to the new game for hosters of big event like ourselves difficult; not enough to fire up our engines again.

So, what will happen now? Simply put, either we find new Admins pretty soon, or TrackMania Masters has to close down. Spam has been a great colleague in helping out hosting TTCs in the past year, but he won’t be able to run the show solely on his own. Regardless, Railag, Spam and me really want to keep the True Talent Cup alive, which in the second case of TMM closing down, we will hand our plugin over to a different hosting team, which has the power and time to keep the TTC running for longer than we are at this point in time.
If you are interested in becoming an admin of TMM, here is what you definitely need:

  • The Club Edition of the new Trackmania
  • Experience in how the True Talent Cup works and the core principles of it
  • Time and Willpower to run the True Talent Cup, and our Team Cup in the new game (providing prizes yourself is not mandatory)
  • Server/Event hosting experiences
  • Sufficient English skills

Additional good-to-haves:

  • Programming skills (PHP would be even more awesome)
  • Knowledge of ManiaControl
  • Process of Maptesting

About the new Trackmania then, as explained earlier, we will not start the effort to transition to the new game. Even after the TTC Season will have finished, there are a couple of TM2-TTC mappacks we will use to host TTCs on, so we will not immediately drop out after the Season. If we find new eligible admins, we will introduce them to the TTC in TM2 in those editions, and will work out the transition to the new game with them, if this is possible at that point in time. From then on, they would need to make the TTC work themselves.

At last, we would like to thank everyone who we met on our way through Trackmania, making it a very fun experience. This definitely includes:

  • The founders of TrackMania Masters, especially Hotrod & Dino, and Barney as the previous TTC Coder, laying the foundation of our work in this event hosting team
  • Different streamers giving exposure to our events (like riolu, LuckersTurbo, Speedy, Yannex, CiremyXx, Nutella, Marius89, …, we can’t name them all)
  • Our old teammates we have played with throughout the years, giving us a lot of positive experiences while playing (mainly Easy.eSports and insects)
  • All donors giving us a helping hand to keep our personal costs for game servers and our website relatively low.
  • Spammiej as the biggest single TTC supporter outside of the official TMM Staff, even hosting a couple TTCs himself in the last year.
  • All of you for playing in, and mapping for our events through the years. Seeing you appreciate our time and work is worth more than money.

GGs to everyone, thanks for participating, and see you next time.

TL;DR: Railag and axelalex2 are dropping out as TMM admins at the end of 2020 latest, we are looking for possible replacements to keep TMM and their events running.


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