TMM TTC#5 Review

By December 21, 2013 News


We have concluded yet another TTC cup and I am pleased to announce a fallen milestone.
TTC#5 broke the 100 participants mark, pointing out its growing popularity among the TrackMania community. Would sure as hell like to keep it that way :).

This time BX3 JohN took over the mapping part and as expected, the maps were competitive, tight and full of traps for inexperienced players. Overall there were merely any blind parts and the course of the track was predictable, negating most of the “wandering around” in search for checkpoints. In other words, JohN did a good job preparing the tracks, as they stood up to TTC’s standards. Let’s just forget the fact that he mistakenly downloaded the sign pack to his local HD and was therefore the only one that could actually see them :).

The 5th edition of the TTC also included a 5 minute break halfway through the competition, allowing time for a quick relaxation for the folks with tiny bladders. Lobby time worked great, there were no unintentional disconnections and all players were able to continue competing afterwards. I guess the new rule is a keeper.

The final standings came out a bit different than what we were used to seeing in the previous cups. Infact, dignitas knighted their first TTC winner – dignitas.KarjeN. Noted as his first TTC participation as well. The follow-upper was BX3 Flyer. And third came in dignitas Bergie.

I also have to mention THE.Shorty … despite being placed 4th, which is considered the least grateful position; he yet again managed to survive until there were only the top 5 remaining.
In terms of consistency, he achieved that 4 out of 5 times. The only exception was the 4th TTC, which he didn’t attend.

That’s all from me for now, stay tuned for more action!

Regards, Budd


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