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So far in 2018, we reached 2 out of 4 goals we have defined ourselves for us this year. Today, we will reach the 3rd by finishing the results database of our own True Talent Cup. We invested/wasted an uncountable amount of hours to build up this database, while we also try to reach the last remaining goal.

Unfortunately, the database is not without flaws, as we could only insert data, which were obtainable from all the old VODs without any error.

Some explanations are needed, as currently all results are bound to the ingame logins, not to players. We will work on this issue as soon as you can look up your statistics on our website. Another one, the duration of a TTC is measured from the starting countdown of the very first Warmup to the time the winner crosses the finish line. But more to come, when we got another update for you.

Now, let’s go with the fun stuff, some general statistics first:

  • 154 TTCs recorded
  • 26603 participations
    • 20245 in TMF
    • 6358 in TM2
    • 19402 in Tech
    • > 1000 in each Mixed, Special and RPG
    • Highest participation average: 220.1 in Specials
    • Lowest participation average: 98.0 in Canyon
  • Playtime
    • 888558 secs = 10.28 days of confirmed total playtime (TTC Tech #18, TTC Tech #51 and TTC Dirt #2 have incomplete VODs)
    • Longest: TTC Tech #22 with 2h 21m 53s
    • Shortest: TTC Tech #82 with 47m 49s
  • Rounds
    • 11342 rounds in total (8847 in Tech)
    • Most: TTC Tech #22 with 110
    • Least: TTC Long Speedtech #2 with 25
  • 32 TTCs saw the finalists finish within .1 secs of each other; TTC Tech #14 and TTC Tech #91 even saw an equal time finish

Here are some players statistics (keep in mind, that they are currently bound to logins):

  • Most participations: Dino (_00fchris_f00tian.) and Spam (cheef) with 106
  • Most rounds survived: Spam (cheef) with 5861
  • Best position in average: Hunter (hunter_) and Absol (xsaamiir) with 1.0
  • Most rounds survived in average: aswer (flosh17) with 84.0
  • At least 10 participations:
    • Best position in average: TripleX (andyomat3000) with 15.6
    • Most rounds survived in average: TripleX (andyomat3000) with 65.96
  • Most same position: Shorty (shorty4) with 13x 2nd
  • Most Top 10 positions: Shorty (shorty4) with 55

More statistics to come in future Fun Facts. If you have an idea for an interesting stat, do not hesitate to contact us.

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