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The TMM Admin Team is happy to announce, that we are able to bring back a long forgotten format, which is the TTC Season, featuring mappacks made by members of the mapping team Waypoint. In this post, you can find more details about it, while most other pages on our website will remain unchanged.


First off, all other rules of the TTC apply, so please read through them:

As in older editions, the TTC Season will include 10 mappacks, a point system for the top positions and WRs, where only your 7 best race results will count, and merch prizes for the best overall drivers at the end of the season. But since the TTC has been extremely popular in the past weeks and we expect even more people willing to join races as part of a season, we will run 2 servers (!) at the same time, allowing 360 players to participate, and we try our best to keep the numbers of players balanced between the servers at the start. After the first map rotation, we will merge the two servers with all remaining players, to which we put a 5 minute timeout. Whoever does not join in time, is simply out of the TTC; so make sure, your connection is configured the most performant way. Check our FAQ for the most important settings.

Furthermore, we recognized, that in order to receive points reaching the Top 30 would be extremely difficult with that big amount of players, so we also increased the number of point positions to 100, which also yields more exact final results. In order to not overload the servers with early joiners, we allow only the current overall Top 50 to secure themselves a spot before opening the servers to the public. As for usual editions, we can’t and won’t take any responsibility about disconnects from your end.

You will always be able to see the current season results over at this spreadsheet:


The merch items the best players will receive, have not been disclosed yet, but it is for certain, that at least the Best 3 players will receive some merch items, which will be sponsored by TrackMania Masters.
If you want to help us out on providing the prizes and paying our server bills, we would highly appreciate a few donations, so we can continue to host TTCs without running into financial troubles. You can donate over here:


This post is also the perfect opportunity to give you a run-down of our plans with the soon to be released new game “Trackmania”.

To keep it simple: we will not host a TTC in the new game as long as the TTC Season in TM² is running. This will allow us to evaluate all available options and identify potential pitfalls at server hosting and online gameplay in TM2020, which possibly can prevent the TTC from running properly. Additionally to the mappacks from Waypoint for the season, we received quite a lot of mappacks from other users, we of course do not want to drop just because of the new game. So after the Season (which also serves as a proper farewell to TM2), depending on the state of Trackmania 2020, there will be a transition phase between TM2 and TM2020 for Stadium, while we will keep you updated on what we will do with the two other environments Canyon & Valley we have supported in TM2 so far.

Good Luck to all players participating in the TTC Season, best hopes to the new games release, and Have Fun everyone!
– axelalex2, Railag & Spammiej


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