TTC FAQ – Frequently asked questions regarding True Talent Cups

Does it cost anything to download the game and to take part?
Taking part in the TTC in TrackMania² is completely free, but the game itself has to be bought.
Do I have to register to take part in the True Talent Cup?
No. All you have to do is joining the server.
When is the next True Talent Cup?
You can find the date of the next True Talent Cup on our homepage or on Facebook.
How do I join the server?
Either search for the current servername ingame (you can find it here), use the joinlink or add the server to your favourites. Both joinlink and the add-favourite link can be found here.
Do I need a password to join?
There is no password required to join the TTC server. If it still says “wrong password” or requires one, the cupserver is either full or the cup has started by now.
I forgot to change some settings/plugin my pad, can I rejoin?
No, unfortunately not. Please make sure to prepare everything before joining.
I have long loading times, hence I miss the start/I get no times at Checkpoints. What can I do?
We suggest you to lower your Trackmania graphic settings, do not download/upload anything while the cup is on and close everything on your computer beside Trackmania. Lower your graphic settings in Trackmania, especially shadows and disable up- and downloads in the settings. Download the TTC mapsigns. It is also really important to restart your TrackMania before joining the TTC server.
Since we are using a powerserver, any lag or long loading times is caused by your settings/connection, not the server.
What is important during the cup?
Remember to finish every round and do not go away from your keyboard – as soon as you do not finish one single round you are knocked out. And of course, don’t be too slow, as the last driver(s) get knocked out, too!
What happens if I get knocked out?
If you got knocked out, you will be automatically removed from the server. It is not possible to rejoin, neither as player nor as spectator. Please use one of the livestreams if you want to follow the race to its end.
Is respawn enabled?
Yes, you may respawn but beware not to accidentally press “delete”.
I have to pee, is there a break during the cup?
Yes. Around half of the cup is over, an automatic break is added by increasing the lobbytime after a map to five minutes. Keep an eye on the chat and on the lobbytime after a skip!
How do I check my result?
The results get announced as soon as possible after the cup has ended. The winners and Top 20 can be found here, a link to the full ranking will be posted on our Facebook page.
I still have questions, where can I find more information?
Everything you need to know can be found here on our homepage.
Don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook via a private message to TM Masters on Facebook.