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Introducing TMM WRC12 – Go for World Record!

TMM WRC12 is a world record hunting cup thats kicked off when the first TMM TC12 map pack is released – 15th of february 2012. This cup is a perfect combination to TMM TC12, where team members and other solo players can participate. This cup awards top 10 times on TMM TC12 maps, during the time that the TMM TC12 map pack is valid (map packs are changed every week). You need to upload your record time under the correct map on TM-Exchange (TMX).
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Fast facts

Cup admin: Plaaz
Type: Solo Cup – Record Hunting
Starts 15th of feb 2012
Duration 10 weeks
Maps: TMM Team Cup 2012 maps
Maps change every week
Cup Slots: unlimited


1st – 40.000 coppers
2nd – 20.000 coppers
3rd – 10.000 coppers

(still looking for sponsors, so it might be updated)


During new map pack release, times are checked on the previous TMM TC12 map pack. TMX records are validated and registered by TMM Admin. Score table will be located on the TM Masters website.

Awarded points on uploaded records on TMX per map:
1st place gives 120 pts
2nd place gives 100 pts
3rd place gives 80 pts
4th place gives 70 pts
5th place gives 60 pts
6th place gives 50 pts
7th place gives 40 pts
8th place gives 30 pts
9th place gives 20 pts
10th place gives 10 pts

Score table

We will only show names in score table that has registered points in the cup.
Here is an example:

Pos Total pts Nick (login) Wins
#1 160 Hotrod (hot_rod) 1st mapname X + 8th mapname Y
#2 110 Plaz (plaszmaa) 6th mapname X + 9th mapname Y + 7th mapname Z

Registration and Cup Fee

First create a user account on TMM website, then register your nick and login under the TMM WRC12 forum.

Registration Fee: FREE

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